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Want to be a cake decorator? Well, this class is for you. The Masterclass offers a wide range of techniques to help you reach that goal. This 15 weeks and one day a week program is for the beginner who never picked up a pastry bag before to the more advanced student who would like to refresh their skills. You will learn the essential skill in preparing a cake, Ice the cake with buttercream icing and covering that cake with fondant. You will also learn to pipe, make gum paste flowers, creating a 2 to 3 tier wedding cake, making a novelty handbag and many more. You will be joining three other students as your classmate to help motivate you along the way. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the class.

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Advanced Masterclass

The Advanced Masterclass is a hands-on twelve-week program to learn the secrets of cake decorating. Master the techniques professional cake decorators use to create some of the most exquisite masterpieces. After completing the class, you will have the knowledge and confidence to execute a 3D novelty cake and a tall tower cake that will allow you to produce any cakes for all occasions. The course consists of six fundamental skills 1. sketching and planning, 2. recipes & preparation, 3. base building, 4. creating structured cakes, 5. sugar work and flowers and 6. wedding cake tower. All to help you reach your goal and become a cake decoration professional.

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1 ON 1

Enjoy the privacy and comfort of a one-on-one class. In the individual Class, you will learn the same skills as a group class. If you are looking for a course where you have the freedom from being observed or disturbed by other students, then this is the right choice for you. You have the flexibility to create your schedule and not worry about time. You can also choose from either The Masterclass or The Advanced Masterclass. Please note the one-on-one class is only available in the evening and one day of the work week..

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Demo Classes

A Demo Class is a group of 8 to10 students that come together to learn the basics to advanced techniques in cake decorating. You will have the opportunity to network with other students and at the same time learn all the latest skills. The Demo Classes are not Hands-On but will provide you a clear understanding of the newest method to help you perfect your cake decorating. Some of the classes offered are the basics in icing a cake, covering a cake with fondant, ice-cream making, french macaroons, editable image printing and many more.

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Event Classes

The Event Class is fun and entertaining. This class is an excellent gift for a friend or family member's birthday or special occasion. What is precisely the Event Class? The course is a way to entertain friends or family and at the same time learn to bake and decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies and many more. You can choose the class you would like to have at your next event and surprise your family and friend with a baking lesson. The Event Class is a traveling class which means it will take place in your home.*

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Baking Class

The Baking class offers hands-on knowledge to master the art of baking the perfect cake. In this course, you will learn to measure, scale and fix the fundamental mistakes done in baking. You will also learn to bake a cake from scratch and take a box cake and make it taste like homemade. The class consists of 5 things: 1. Learn to make a yellow cake. 2. Learn to make a carrot cake. 3. Learn to make a red velvet cake. 4. Learn to make a box cake like homemade and 5. Learn to make a real sponge cake.

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Masterclass (In-person)

12 Weeks Program / 1 day a week / Group of 4.
Tuition $1200 with Payment plan Available.
A $300 Depsite required.
(Pay in full and get 20% off)
Weekend Classes Only
Date: Fall 2021
For payment plan, click below.
20% off when Pay in Full
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Masterclass (Virtual)

12 Weeks Program / 1 day a week - Sundays only
Tuition $1200*
*Get 20% off when pay for all 12 weeks.
Date:Coming Soon Time: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
For information on all 12 course download Brochure below.
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Advanced Masterclass

10 Weeks Program / 1 day a week - saturdays only / Group of 2
Tuition $1,500 (payment Plan Available)
Date: Email us for more info

Demo Classes

2 Hours Program / 1 day class
Starts At $40
Date: Email us for more info

Event Classes

2.5 hours / 1 day event
Tuition $150 hr.
Date: Email us for more info

Baking & Pastry Classes

1 day class / 6 hours
Tuition $500
Date: Email us for more info

What others had to say


Not Just an instructor, but a Friend.

Jean-Rony Fougére is a profound instructor and highly skilled pastry chef. I have gained a great depth of knowledge and technique from his flower making, fondant covering, chocolate ganache, and butter cream classes. More importantly, these classes have shaped the way in which I make and decorate my cakes and cupcakes. Chef Fougére's expertise, patience, and professionalism has created an environment that is conducive to mastery and lifelong learning.

My quest for a mentor ends where my journey with Chef Fougère begins...

As a recently graduated Pastry Chef, I spent my time working in an array of settings trying to find a Chef, a mentor - someone who was willing to give me the opportunity to showcase the skill sets I acquired in culinary school while still having the passion and patience to expand my knowledge of pastry arts. I wasn't finding much luck, to be honest until I met Chef Fougere.

Let's work together.