Improve Your Business

With a touch of sweetness.

Fougére offers extensive Pastry & Bakery Hospitality expertise. He began his culinary career at the young age of 13, mastering the art of cake decorating, and went on to study culinary arts in high school as his major and continued with higher education.

During Fougére 25 plus years in the culinary industry, He had the opportunity to work with some of the best and the top pastry chefs in hotels and restaurants in the US. Fougére gain knowledge in many units in Hotel catering operations, restaurant production, and menu creation, as well as the wholesale baking industry. Fougére experience of having been involved in Hotels such as The Waldorf Astoria and Soho House, NY, has prepared him for the large scale of production, organization, and management that are very significant in an establishment. Managing establishments such as 92 restaurant NY, OYA in Washington DC, and Soho House NY Restaurant gave Fougere the know-how to operate a restaurant from the ground-up.

Fougére can assist the establishment with openings, pastry department layout, equipment need for the creation of desserts, and offer problem-solving support in existing operations such as restructuring, training, hiring, and profitability. Fougére will identify areas to improve production and increase staff efficiency to maximize profits.

Fougére will bring in high-quality recipes and effective techniques with standardization methods to ensure continued consistency and excellent quality. Fougére will also offer an in house recipe book with all recipes and full instruction upon the menu accepted by the establishment. Fougére will also provide a 3-month staff training with an additional 3-month review of progress.

Chef Fougére will Look for all the weak points by doing the following:
  • Know the Audience.
  • Review the existing dessert menu.
  • Look for the areas where cost is too high.
  • How well can the staff produce and plate desserts.
  • Create a six months program to fix all the fundamental problems.
By doing the following, Chef Fougére will strengthen the dessert department by reducing cost and increase sales:
  • keeping track of the desserts that sold the most and those that are low in sales.
  • Reassess the main menu and design desserts that will complement the dinner menu.
  • Try to keep the cost of new tools to a minimum and using more of in-house ingredients.
  • Will provide sufficient training for three months to 1 or 2 staff members on how to execute the task at hand, such as the production and the dessert line.
  • Create a step by step recipe by that all staff can understand.
  • Return once a week for three months to keep improving the progress.